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imageBinance Referral Code 2022 – 87657545 | World’s Largest Crypto Exchange.
Previously I have shared posts about many crypto exchange platforms like CoinDCX, WazirX, BitBns, & some others. Even binance cryptocurrency exchange acquired WazirX.
Today I am going to share about a special crypto exchange platform called Binance.
But what is so special about "Binance".
Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Yes, you have read right. The crypto exchange platform is recognized globally.
As its Worlds largest crypto exchange the referral program is also popular.
The Binance referral program is much more popular globally. You can earn a handsome amount of money through the referral program. And the referral program is one of the best ways to earn without any investment.
Today I am going to share a detailed guide about the Binance refer and earn program. So you can refer and earn.
Let’s start with the basics…
Table of Contents.
How to Register on Binance?
Registering World’s largest crypto exchange is pretty simple. The registration process is the same as you register on other crypto exchanges.
You can register on Binance with just an Email ID and Mobile Number. Grab your cup of Coffe and let’s start.
#1 Step: First of all, just head over to the Binance registration page.
#2 Step: Enter your Email or binance globális Mobile Number. You can use either an Email ID or Mobile Number.
#3 Step: Now you can see a field of Binance referral code – 87657545 . Just enter this code to get a discount on trade fees.
#4 Step: Accept the T&C and click on "Create Account".
#5 Step: Complete the puzzle captcha by sliding the arrow.
#6 Step: You will receive a code in your Mail. Just enter the code to verify your Mail ID.
#7 Step: Now you need to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). You can do it later.
Hurray! You have completed the registration process. Now you need to complete the KYC verification process.
What is Binance?
The world’s largest crypto exchange platform was founded by Changpeng Zhao in 2017. Now their headquarter is in the Cayman Islands. Previously it was in China. But later they moved their HQ because of some regulations. Now it is available in 180 countries. You can trade over 500 cryptocurrencies on the platform.
Can you guess the number of transactions on Binance per second?
It’s 1,400,000+ transactions per second.
And why not its Worlds largest crypto exchange platform.
Binance is packed with some awesome features. Let’s see some of the features.
Spot/Margin and Future trading: Trade On-the-Go. Great Customer Support. Low Fees. More than 500 cryptocurrencies available. Good Referral Program.
Binance App Download.
The Binance app is available on multiple platforms. You can use it on PC(Windows, macOS, and Linux), & smartphone (Android, & iOS).
If you want to download the app for your smartphone go to your app store and download it.
binance u.s. valtiot pois is available on all platforms. Yeah, it is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android as well.
Want to download it on your device, just head over its the official site and download it.
How to complete KYC in Binance?
As you might know that crypto exchange platforms, you have to complete KYC. There are some limitations without KYC. Binance is not an exception. Yeah, you need to complete KYC verification.
Just visit Binane from a browser or download the app. I will suggest to complete your KYC in the app. Now click on your Profile. Here you can see many options. Tap on "Identification". Tap on " Start Now" under the Verified section. Now select country, Full Name, & DOB. Click on "Continue". Enter your Address, PIN, City, and PAN Number. Tap on "Continue". Now you need to upload a Government Issued ID (Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID Card, etc), Passport, or Driving Licence. Then take a Selfie with a Smiling face. Tap on "Continue". Now the Camera will be open. You might be asked to bink your Eyes or something else. You have completed the KYC process. It can take a few days to review your KYC verification.
Make sure to use referral ID for Binance.
Binance Refer and Earn 2022.
The Binance referral program is much popular. They are paying up to 40% commission on every trade across Binance Spot, Futures, and Pool.
If your referee does a trade, you get up to 40% commission. You just need to share your Binance referral link/Binance referral code with potential crypto users.
Just log in to your Binance account and tap your Profile. Now tap on "Referral" among all options. Here you can see your Binance referral ID and Binance referral link. Share your link with your family, relatives, and friends.
Binance referral code: Where to find?
Here it is – just enter this code while signing up.
Don’t get confused with the Binance referral code and Binance referral ID. Both are the same thing.
How does Binance referral work?
Once you are registered on binance cryptocurrency exchange, binance review ala you will get a unique referral code. When anyone joins through your referral code and trade, you will get a bonus. But It’s not that simple.
The Binance bonus depends on the transaction amount and type of your transaction.
If the amount is less than 500 BNB, then you will get 20% of the trading fees. And if it’s greater then 500 BNB, then 40% of the rating fees.
How to earn more with Binance referrals.
You might be thinking "hey I have limited contacts how can share my referral codes with potential users." Fortunately, I found some ways to get more referrals.
If you are wondering How to get Binance referrals, read this section carefully.
#1 WhatsApp Group : You might already know this. But yeah it’s really a good way to get more referrals.
#2 Facebook Groups : There are a ton of Facebook Groups out there. You can join them and share your link or code.
#3 Telegram Channel : Telegram is really booming right now. Many people are now using Telegram. You can create your own Telegram Channel about earning apps. Along with this app, you can also share other earning app referral codes.
#4 Youtube Channel: Similar to Telegram Channel, you can create your own Youtube Channel to share your referral links. And share your referral link in the description. Just go to and search for Binance refer and earn and you will see some results that have shared their links and codes.
Now Youtube videos are just damn popular. And video is the future. People prefer videos rather than text-based content. So you can see there is an opportunity to get exposure. You can make videos related to Binance and ไบแนนซ์จ่าย share your referral code in the description. If anyone joins through your code both you will get benefits.
While making videos make sure to mention the benefits of using your referral code.
Bonus Tip: You can also share your Telegram channel link in the description so you can capture the audience. If you capture audiences, later you can share more referral links/codes with them.
# Medium: Do you know that you blog a And it’s free. The best thing you can share your referral link or code on Medium. Just write an article about Medium and publish it. Don’t forget to mention your referral code. Then when people found your articles they are gonna use your referral code.
These are some free methods to share your referral code. So there’s no excuse to not try. First, try only one then try another. You will sink if you try to ride on 2 boats simultaneously.
How to deposit funds on Binance (P2P)
You need to add funds on Binance to use it. But it’s a little bit complicated to deposit funds on Binance.
Make sure you have already completed the KYC verification. If you haven’t completed it yet, just do it by following the above steps.
You need to set a Payment method.
How to set Payment method in the app.
Just open the app and tap on "Profile" at the top left. Scroll down and select "Payment Methods.

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